Immortal Adept Push

Now is the perfect time to learn an All-In for PvP. It is a safe method to expand and the perfect way for a timing attack.

Official Guide
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Protoss vs. Protoss

Main Goal

  • 2x Nexus
  • 38x Probes
  • Minerals: 2x 16
  • Gas: 2x 6 (only first base)
  • 8x Gateway
  • 1x Robotics Facility
  • +1 Attack Upgrade (Forge)
  • +Adept Upgrade (Twilight Council)
  • Attack: 6:00 min


Our first goal is to have two Gateways and a Robotics Facility when we want to expand. At first we play defensivly and scout our enemy's base with an Observer to gather information about his chosen playstyle.

When playing against Protoss we want to collect gas from both of our gas geysers after placing our Gateway. We use the Probe, which has placed the Gateway, to scout our enemy. We want to know whether he is mining from two gas geysers or not.

Scouting Scenarios

If he has only one gas geyser a Warpgate Push might come our way. The other option would be a fast second Nexus.

If he opens the game with two Gateways, there is a huge chance of him playing fast Adepts. This can cause huge damage to our economy. In this case we build our first three Pylons around our Mineral Line. By doing it is easier to protect our Probes by using Photon Overcharge.

If we identify a Warpgate All-In, the first thing we do is building two Immortals. And instead of placing our second Nexus we comission two Gateways.

Our enemy might also play a fast second Nexus. Just don’t get insecure and stick to our plan.

Most of the time our opponent is going to play with two gas geysers as well. When we have our Mothership Core, the first Stalker and Warpgate Research in comission it is time to decide for a tech.That is way we keep our Probe in the enemy’s base until he has placed down all three buildings - we want to see what he is going for. If he only places two or only one building, the chances of him saving his gas for Dark Templars or Oracles are high.

It doesn’t matter which of these two units he chooses, in every case we have to play defensively.

We are done with our opening as soon as we have defended any early attack by our enemy. If he has decided to expand as well, we are also done.

In case we deal with an early attack we should always produce an Observer. Just keep it in your base and then build Immortals and Gateway Units (like Stalkers and Zealots).

When we scout a 1-Base-Push by the enemy quite early we are still able to hold the attack - even when we have placed down our second Nexus. The right preparation is the most important thing.

Reaction vs Blink All-In

  • Don't build any more Probes
  • Constant Immortal production
  • Use every Warpgate to constantly build Stalkers
  • As soon as we have 300 overmines place down two Gateways

Reaktion vs Oracle Opening

  • Use Photon Overcharge on the Pylons standing right next to your Minerals
  • The first Stalker and the first two Sentrys stay in the first Mineral Line
  • After the first attack place the Mothersip Core between your two bases
  • Place more defensive Pylons close to your Mineral Lines
  • Warp-In more Stalkers and keep them in your second Mineral Line
  • Prepone the first two Photon Cannons, so it is easier for us to defend future Oracles

Reaction vs DT Opening

  • Keep your first units, the Observer and your Mothersip Core in your first Mineral Line
  • Build a second Observer (Cancel the Immortal or the Warp Prism)
  • Send the second Observer and three more Stalkers to your second Mineral Line
  • Always have detection for both of your Mineral Lines! A follow-up including DTs might be possible
  • Prepone both of the Photon Cannons so it is easier for us to defend DTs
  • Always have an Observer with your army! (Don't put the Observer in the same control group as your army. We don't want him at the front but in the back)

Basic Build

By now we should have survived the early game. So it is time to focus on our Basic Build. As soon as we feel safe we should build a Warp Prism. When it’s finished: hide it on the map so the enemy can’t spot it.
Then it’s time to place down a Forge and a Twilight Council. When both of the buildings are ready, researching the +1 Attack Upgrade and the + Attack Rate Upgrade for Adepts are the best things to do. As soon as the upgrades are ready, attack!

In a best case scenario our attack hits at the 6th minute. We’d have three Immortals and eight Gateways. It is important to constantly use the Gateways to Warp-In units with the Warp Prism.
Even if our attack has been delayed we should at least have one Cannon per Mineral Line before moving out.

This Build Order is designed to finish the game with this attack.


Almost every All-In decides within the first few attacks. In case the game continues because our opponent was able to hold the attack or we even had to cancel our Push, these steps are our plan:

  • 3x Nexus
  • 58x Probes
    • Minerals: 1x8 + 2x 16
    • Gas 3x6
  • 10x Gateway
  • 2x Robotics Facility
  • 1x Robotics Bay
  • +2 Attack Upgrade (Forge)

After placing down the third Nexus the first four Mineral Patches of our Main base should be almost mined out. That’s why we take 8 Probes from our main base and send them to the third one.

We continue to build Immortals. When our Robotics Bay has finished we have the chance to add Disruptors or Colossi to our army. Colossi are easy to control. To exploit the full potential of Disruptors it takes some time and practice.

After surviving the enemy's attack we attack by ourselves as soon as our second Attack Upgrade is ready.

Build Orders

1. Pylon
1. Gateway + Scout
1.Gas (3 Probes)
2. Gas (3 Probes)
2. Pylon
@Gateway ready
Cybernetics Core
@Cybernetics Core ready
Mothership Core + 1. Stalker + research Warpgate
3. Pylon
@100 Gas
Robotics Facility
@100 Gas
1. Sentry
@400 Minerals
2. Nexus
@Robotics Facility ready
Start producing: 2x Observer + 2x Immortal + 1x Warp Prism
@Robotics Facility ready
1x Gateway (2 in total now)
@Robotics Facility ready
Constantly build Pylons before reaching Supply Cap
@Nexus ready
@Forge ready
Research +1 Attack Upgrade
@Forge ready
Twilight Council
@38 Probes
Stop producing Probes
@Twilight Council ready
Research upgrade for Adepts
@Twilight Council ready
6x Gateway (8 in total now)
@Warp Prism ready
Build several Pylons as supply buffer
@Warp Prism ready
Build 1 Photon Cannon in earch Mineral Line
@Warp Prism ready
Move out and attack