4 Gate DT into Exp.

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Protoss vs. Protoss

4 Gate DT into Exp.

This Build works for me in high Platin and Low to Mid Diamond

If you play against zerg. get a defense Zealot to block the choke between Gate and Cyb-core to avoid Ling-rushes (play 3 Gate DT instead.

12 Pylo
13 Gate (send probe for scout and ProxxyPylo)
14 Gas
15 Gas

get gas with 3 workers each.
try to deny his scout at this point

(hold position & hunt scout-.. youve nothing to do ATM anyway)

18 Cybernetics
18 Pylo in Base (place Pylo in defense that you can overcharge it to deny scout as well)

21 (cyb- finishes around 1:50)
21 Twilight council
21 Mothership core (boost with nexus)
23 Gateway tech (boost after Mothership core finishes)

24/25 DT shrine

25 proxxy-pylo

from now on just add gates till youve 4.

at around 3.50 you warp in 3DT's (+1 reinforcement)
try to harras as much as you can.

32 add Expansion+Pylo. Build defenseline in base against counter attack.

Against Zerg - Snipe detection and Hatchery (no drone hunting. first clear all the detection)
Against Toss - Snipe Drones and if he has Robo -> get the powering Pylo
Against Terran - Send DTs across the Base so he will waste his Scans -> fokus down army and Detection building WBFs

3. Dezember 2015 - 11:50
29.08.2018 - 20:30

Hey Taiero,

Thank you for the BO. There are some mistakes. It would be nice if you could correct them :). In case you have a replay or some pics we would really appreciate it, if you share them with us to help other players to get a better impression of your build :).



8. Dezember 2015 - 23:22
11.12.2015 - 21:44

I don't know if the Pylon Gateway timings are right but I played it with 14 Pylon and 15 Gate into two Assimilators and it works great for me so far. The most success i had was against Terran!

During doing nothing I mostly built Zealots so the attack starts with 4 DTs and 3 Zealots and the enemy is distracted with the Zealots when the DTs hit. I have no idea if that works on higher Elo though.

Maybe instead of building the Zealots you could start a second Nexus, that could be more efficient.

Good guide nonetheless!

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