Protoss Practice 01: Adepts

The first multiplayer practice for Protoss players.

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Protoss vs. Protoss

Main Goal

  • 1x Nexus
  • 19x Probe
    • Minerals: 1x 16
    • Gas 1x 3
  • 4x Gateway
  • Cybernetics Core
  • Mothership Core


In this exercise we want to attack straight after our Mothership Core is completed. As you can see in the Build Order we also want to establish a production on four Gateways overall.
First of all it is very important to scout with our Probe which has built the Gateway. Therefore we are sending the Probe on the map to locate the position of our opponent. As soon as we have scouted him we send the Probe back to our Mineral Line immediately. Before our first Gateway has finished we start the second Gateway. If our build is executed perfectly, we’ll produce two Adepts directly after the Cybernetics Core has finished.
We use our Chronoboost for our first Gateway directly after it is finished and continuing so. By this means our first Zealot as well as the following Adepts will be finished earlier. If we have done everything correctly, our basic setup with four Gateways will be finished shortly after we entered the map. Afterwards we’re producing Adepts in all four Gateways constantly.

It is very important to constantly build Pylons when our military production starts to roll. Thus we are preventing a Supply Block and spend our resources efficiently. If we lose a lot of units in our attack or we realise that we can’t keep up our army production, we decide to interrupt the production of Pylons.
During our main attack the micromanagement of our army has by far the lowest priority. It is way more important to keep the army production running and that every single unit participates in battle as soon as possible.

Training goal

Our goal in that exercise is to beat the AI on difficulty „Elite“. If you haven’t played the multiplayer of Starcraft 2 at all, we recommend starting with a lower level und raise the difficulty of the AI step by step.
You can try to beat my personal best from the replay if you want to.

  • All elements of the Build Order finished at 3:03 minutes (4. Gateway finished)
  • Force the AI to resign at 3:48 minutes

Build Orders

Adept All-In
1. Pylon
@1. Pylon finished
1. Gateway + scouting with our Probe to gather information about our opponent
@1. Gateway in production
1. Gas (3 Probes)
@150 Minerals
2. Gateway
@19 Probes
Stop Probe production
@1. Gateway done
Cybernetics Core + 1x Zealot + 2. Pylon
Before Cybernetics Core has been finished
3. Gateway
Cybernetics Core is ready
Start Adept production and build a Mothership Core
@Mothership Core in production
4. Gateway + constantly 1 Pylon in production from now on
@Mothership Core is ready