Protoss Practice 02: Warpgate Upgrade

In our first practice Build we learn about the Warpgate upgrade in the Cybernetics Core.

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Target of the build

  • 1x Nexus
  • 20x Probe
    • Minerals: 1x 16
    • Gas 1x 3
    • One Probe for offensive Pylons
  • 4x Gateway
  • Mothership Core
  • Warpgate Upgrade
  • Attack: The first four units are warped in at the front


The second practice build grows out of the first one. The most important change in this build is the Warpgate upgrade. It allows us to warp in units from our Gateways to our Pylon's Energy Fields.

Nothing really changes compared to our first build - until the moment we warp in our Cypernetics Core. We just produce one more Probe. After we discovered our opponent's location this time the scouting Probe remains just outside of our opponent's base. This Probe is crucial for the all-in. It allows us later on to use offensive pylons for warp-ins.

We need to be careful when it comes to the placement of offensive pylons with our hidden scouting Probe. If we place a pylon to early and too close to the enemy's base, we risk the loss of our Pylon and Probe and with them some of our attack's potential.

Once we finished our Warpgate upgrade we select our four Gateways and hold the key which transforms our Gateways into Warpgates. (default "G") We warp in four units and commence the attack once they have arrived. Our unit composition consists of Zealots and Stalkers this time.

With this build we want to defeat an A.I. on "Elite" settings. You can also try to reach my best result during this replay:

  • Every part of the Build Order finished at 3:40 minutes (Warpgate upgrade finished)
  • A.I. surrendered at 4:47 minutes

Build Orders

Protoss Practice Build 02
First Pylon
@First Pylon done
First Gateway + Scouting with probe (we want to locate the enemy and hide the probe outside of the enemy's base)
@First Gateway warping
First Gas with three Probes
@150 minerals
Second Gateway
@20 Probes
Stop Probe production
@First Gateway done
Cybernetics Core + 1x Zealot + Second Pylon
@SecondGateway done
2x Zealot + first offensive Pylon
@Cybernetics Core done
Research Warpgate upgrade (Chronoboost!!!) + Mothership Core + 1x Stalker
@300 Minerals
3. + 4. Gateway
@3. + 4. Gateway in production
Constantly building pylons + building units out of the Gateways, until the upgrade is finished
@Warpgate upgrade finished
Warp in four units at the front and commence attack!