Protoss Practice 03: Robotics Facility and Warp Prism

The next step is the Warp Prism being produced out of the Robotics Facility. With the Warp Prism our attacks no longer depend on offensive pylons. Now they are even stronger and more reliable.

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Protoss vs. Protoss

Target of the build

  • 1x Nexus
  • 20 Probes
    • 14x Minerals
    • 6x Gas (After the Robotics Facility we take one Probe from each gas geysire)
  • 4x Gateway
  • 1x Robotics Facility
  • Warpgate upgrade
  • 1x Warp Prism
  • 1x Observer


During our last practice we learned about the Warp In mechanism of the Protoss. As we saw we are able to warp in units at our offensive Pylons. Nevertheless the warp in at those offensive Pylon's blue Energy Field takes some time and has it's risks. Even while the units are warping in they are vulnerable. And if these pylons are destroyed, our attack is going to get extremly weak.

In our base we have green Energy Fields around some of our Pylons instead of blue ones. They turn green if in close proximity of the Pylon a Gateway or a Nexus is placed. Inside of those green Energy Fields a warp in takes only a fracture of the normal time. We get the same effect using the Warp Prism which we can be build inside the Robotics Facility. We can expand the Warp Prism and create another green Energy Field in no time.

Now we play a similar build to the second practice build. We just need a little more gas in order to warp in a Robotics Facility. At the beginning we start to gather gas from two Assimilators and therefore boost our gas income. As soon as we started building the Robotics Facility we can pull out one probe out of each gas geysire. That way we gather minerals with 16 Probes from now on.

Once we have a Warp Prism and the Warpgate upgrade we move our army together with the Warp Prism to the enemy's base. On the way we stop for each completed cooldown of the Warpgates, expand our Warp Prism und get four new units. After the battle has started it is essential to keep the Warp Prism far behind our main army. If the enemy can destroy our Warp Prism, we are cut from reinforcement and are greatly weakened.

Another new unit is the Observer. The Observer is unable to attack, invisible and a flying unit. It's great for scouting and always needed. Most importantly the Observer is able to detect cloaked and hidden units.

Target of the Practice

With this build we want to defeat an A.I. on "Elite" settings.

You can also try to reach my best result in the replay:

  • Every part of the Build Order done at 4:05 minutes (Observer done)
  • 49 Supply at 4:30 Minutes
  • A.I. surrendered at 6:36 Minutes

Build Orders

First Pylon
@first Pylon done
First Gateway + scout with the Probe
@First Gateway in production
2x Gas (6 Probes)
Before first Gateway done
Second Pylon
@20 Probes
Stop Probe production
@Gateway done
Cybernetics Core + 1x Zealot
@Cybernetics Core done
Warpgate Upgrade (Chronoboost) + Mothership Core + start army unit production
@100 Gas
Robotics Facility + pull two Probes out of the Gas + always build a Pylon before we reach the Supply Cap
Before Robotics Facility is done
3x Gateway (We now have 4)
@Robotics Facility done
Warp Prism
@Warp Prism done
Commence Attack! (Use every Warp in cycle on your way)