Protoss Practice 04: Second Base

With another Nexus we secure more ressources and boost our income.

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Target of the build

  • 2x Nexus
  • 27 Probes
    • 16x Minerals at first Nexus
    • 8x Minerals at second Nexus
    • 3x Gas at first Nexus
  • 6x Gateway
  • Warpgate Upgrade


If we want to secure more ressources, we need a second Nexus. With a second base the gathering Probes can deliver those ressources. During this practice build we firstly learn about a second base and secure the Natural Expansion. The nearest and easiest to defend base next to our main base is always called the "Natural".

To make this somewhat easier we delay the Robotics Facility, which we learned about in the previous build. Instead we try a Warpgate push from one and a half base. A base is full or fully saturated once 16 Probes are gathering minerals.

We open with a Gateway expansion. This Build Order is open to be modified a bit. At it's core it is played to get a quick second Nexus. We place the Nexus once we started building the Cybernetics Core and the 23th Probe. We also need 400 minerals. As soon as we produce the 23th Probe we start to produce a Zealot. This Zealot is your safety net. A human opponent might try to block your second Nexus with a Worker or even a building. If that happens, we finish the Zealot and prepone parts of the Build Order until we can build the Nexus.

Preferably we send the Probe to the Natural for it to arrive when we have 300 minerals. If the Nexus does not get blocked by the opponent, we cancel the Zealot in the Gateway. This way we have 400 Minerals and are able to build the Nexus. This mechanism is essential for a Gateway Expansion and has to be practiced from the very start.

If we build the Nexus with no need of a Zealot, we start building a Stalker and the Mothership Core. The Warpgate Research gets a Chronoboost once the Mothership Core has finished.

When we have 16 Probes gathering minerals in our main base we send 8 more Probes to gather minerals at the Natural. While doing so we build three more Gateways - until we have six. As soon as the Warpgate upgrade finishes we commence the attack. As we do not have a Robotics Facility at this point, we need to warp in units at our offensively placed Pylons in front of the opponent's base.

Our economy is sufficient in order to build Adepts out of all six Gateways. We shouldn't start the attack before the first warp in of all Warpgates is completed. During the attack we use the "Psionic Transfer" ability of our Adepts. It's goal is to send the shades forward and appear right in the enemy's army. This way we fully exploit our Adept's strength.

Target of the Practice

With this build we want do defeat an A.I. on "Elite" settings. You can also try this build against human players, but it has it's weaknesses. For instance, we don't have any source of detection. Cloaked units remain undetected.

Or you could try to reach my best result in the replay:

  • Every part of the Build Order finished a 3:49 minutes (Finished Warpgate upgrade)
  • 60 Supply at 4:40 minutes
  • A.I. surrendered at 5:13 minutes

Build Orders

Protoss Practice Build 04
First Pylon
@First Pylon done
first Gateway + scout with Probe
@started Building with Gateway
First Gas (3 Probes)
Before first Gateway finishes
Second Pylon
@First Gateway done
Cybernetics Core
@Started producing 23th Probe
Zealot (Cancel, if not interrupted)
@400 Minerals
Second Nexus
@Cybernetics Core done
Mothership Core + Warpgate upgrade + Adept
@Mothership Core done
Chronoboost on Warpgate upgrade
Before second Nexus finishes
2x Gateway (We have 3 now)
@Second Nexus done
Constantly building Pylons before Supply Cap is reached
@27 Probes
Stop Probe production
Before Warpgate upgrade finishes
3x Gateway (we now have 6)
@Warpgate upgrade finished
Commence attack!