Blink Colossi Macro

By using Blink Stalkers we want to be able to hold any early attack by the Terran player. Then we can exploit the full macro-potential of the Protoss.

Official Guide
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Protoss vs. Terran

Main Goal

  • 3x Nexus
  • 66x Probes
    • Minerals: 3x 16
    • Gas 3x 6
  • 10x Gateway
  • 1x Robotics Facility
  • +Extended Thermal Lance Upgrade for Colossi
  • +Charge Upgrade for Zealots
  • Templar Archive and Psi Storm Upgrade
  • Dual Forge Upgrades
  • Attack: Psi Storm Upgrade ready


In this match-up we want to use the full potential of the Protoss macro. So now the Terran player is the aggressor for quite some time. He is going to try to harass and disturb us. The most important thing this time is our opponent’s opening.

At the beginning of the match we place down our Gateway and then scout out opponent. We want to take a quick look at his gas timing.
Usually we can defend any kind of aggression with this build order but it is always nice to know what our enemy does.

He might go for an early Factory. He might also place a Command Center first. In case of an early Factory it is important not to play too greedily. Always build a some units to defend a possible attack.
In case of a Command Center first we don’t have to worry too much about taking a third Nexus.

Our first step is a Gateway Expansion. If everything goes according to plan, we place our Nexus at minute 1:55. The Mothership Core stays right next to our first base. We also position the first Stalker in a way the Reaper has difficulties seeing our tech buildings (the Twilight Council) right away.

The Reaper should be defended by now. And then, the most difficult phase of this match up starts.
The Terran prepares his own opening. We have to try everything to get as much information as possible. We have to keep the taken damage to a minimum. Usually a PvT will be decided within these few minutes.
We will lose a lot of those games. But after a while we have enough practice and experience to handle the different Terran openings.

In theory a Blink opening against Terran is one of the best things we can do. To defend the Terran opening our Observer Placement has a huge significance.

The first Observer flies over to the entrance of our enemy’s expansion - but take the same route your ground army would do! In case the Terran player plans to attack we notice it immediately. If the Observer dies, we send the one from our own base to the front. We also have to build another Observer. Without Observers we’d be left completely clueless.

We place the second Observer and the Mothership Core right next to the Mineral Line in our main base. The third observer and our Stalkers stay next to our Expansion. If the Terran tries to harass us with Widow Mine Drops or cloaked Banshees we will be prepared.
When the Terran moves out with his ground forces we pull back our army and our Mothership Core to our expansion.

Always remember - As long as the Terran doesn’t move out and we are still in Defense-Mode , spread your army throught your different bases. This way it is easier to defend Drops.

Basic Build

As soon as we feel safe and have defended the opening of our opponent, our opening has succeeded. Now we continue with a Robotics Bay to produce Colossi. We also want to secure a third Expansion.This is going to be a bit tricky. A third Expansion is really helpful for our economy but it is going to be more difficult to defend all the drops. Don’t forget to spread your army!

The third Nexus should have been placed down by now. We also place two Forges and constantly chronoboost our Attack and Armor Upgrades. As soon as the Forges are ready we start to build Photon Cannons to protect our different expansions. The Mothership Core stays behind as well so in case of a drop we can defend it quite easily with Photon Overcharge.

As soon as the Psi Storm Upgrade is ready we prepare to attack. When everything went according to plan this timing is going to be deadly. Shortly before attacking we place down the fourth Nexus. Don’t forget to secure it with Photon Cannons!

Always stay calm when we attack. We have to be aware of the positioning of our opponent’s army before rushing over. We also have to be prepared for incoming drops. So don’t panic!

As soon as we face our enemy’s army we have reached our goal. The combination of Colossi, Blink Stalkers and Psi Storm requires a lot of practice and experience. Don’t use the Psi Storms all at once. Spread the High Templars if you see Ghosts. If you don’t, one EMP is enough to eliminate every single Storm of ours.
Always have a Warp Prism with you as well. That is how you make sure to have enough reinforcement.
By using this guide you also practice your Mechanics and your multitasking.


And what if the game continues? It is time for the macro game! Our build is over and now it is your time to shine! As a Protoss player we always want to have three mining bases and upgrades are important as well.

Now is a good time to add Archons and Disruptors to our army composition. Disruptors are quite difficult to micro, though.
Another important factor are Liberators. Never attack from the front when the Terran player has Liberators in Siege Mode. In this state of the game Liberators are really strong so the best idea is to finish the Terran before he is even able to build Liberators.

If you still make it to this stage and your enemy has Liberators: Try to switch to Carriers and support them with Void Rays and Psi Storms. It's your turn to be creative!

Build Orders

1. Pylon
1. Gateway + Scout
1. Gas (3 Probes)
2. Pylon
@Gateway ready
Cybernetics Core
Zealot (Cancel)
2. Nexus
@Cybernetics Core ready
Mothership Core
@Cybernetics Core ready
2. Gas (3 Probes)
@50 Gas
1. Stalker
@50 Gas
Research Warpgate Upgrade
3. Pylon
@100 Gas
Twilight Council
@50 Gas
2. Stalker
Before Nexus ready
3. Gas (3 Probes)
@Nexus ready
Constantly build Pylons before reaching Supply Cap
@Twilight Council ready
Research Blink Upgrade for Stalkers
@100 Gas
Robotics Facility
@Robotics Facility in production
4. Gas (3 Probes)
@Robotics Facility in production
2x Gateway (3 in total now)
@Robotics Facility ready
Robotics Bay
@Robotics Facility ready
Start producing: 3x Observer
@Robotics Bay ready
Start producing: 4x Colossus
@Robotics Bay ready
Research Extended Thermal Lance Upgrade for Colossi
5:30 - 6:00
3. Nexus
@2. Colossus in production
2x Forge
@2. Colossus in production
Research Charge Upgrade for Zealots (Twilight Council)
@3. Nexus ready
Take both Gas Geysirs (6 Probes)
@Forges ready
Constantly research +Attack and +Armor Upgrades (Use Chronoboost)
@66 Probes
Stop producing Probes
@Forge Upgrades in Research
3x Gateway (6 in total now)
@Gates in production
Start adding Photon Cannons at weak spots
@4. Colossus in production
Templar Archive
@Templar Archive ready
Research Psi Storm Upgrade for High Templars
@Templar Archive ready
4x Gateway (10 in total now)
@4. Colossus ready
Start producing: 1x Warp Prism and Immortals afterwards
9:00 - 10:00
4. Nexus
@Storm ready
Move out and attack