Colossi Push

The Colossi-Push is a powerful All-In. It will be played on two fully saturated bases. You can even win over experienced Terran players with this build. That’s why every Protoss player should know how to play it.

Official Guide
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Protoss vs. Terran

Main Goal

  • 2x Nexus
  • 44x Probes
    • Minerals: 2x 16
    • Gas 2x 6
  • 7x Gateway
  • 1x Robotics Facility
  • +Extended Thurmal Lance Upgrade
  • Attack: @2 Colossi


Our opening goal is a fast gateway expansion. We want to build an observer as early as possible so we can see whether our opponent chooses an aggresive playstyle or not.

Against Terran players we scout right after building the first gateway. With our Probe we want to gather information about the gas timing. We want to know whether our opponent plays a Reaper opening or if he rather collects 100 gas for a Factory.

When we make it to our enemy’s base, the first thing we do is clicking on his gas geyser. If he has already collected 100 gas before producing any unit, then we have to change our basic build a little bit.
Because our opponent might play an aggressive opening involving invisible units.

  • We build both of our Gateways before the Robotics Bay
  • We build additional Stalkers and delay our Colossi production
  • We build 3 Observers - The first one flies over to our enemy’s base. The second one stays in our main base and the third one protects our expansion.

Against Terran players we want to expand before even building any unit. Our opponent might try to block our expansion by placing an SCV right where we want to expand. If he even builds an Engineering Bay to block us, this is our emergency plan:
Let the Zealot finish. Then we take our Mothership Core and our first Stalker and attack the Engineering Bay. Else we just cancel the Zealot as soon as we have 300 minerals and when our Probe is in position.

When our Mothership Core is ready, just keep it in the main base so we can defend the first reaper. As soon as the first Stalker is ready and the Robotics Facility has been placed down we try to avoid the Reaper seeing our Robo. We recommend to place the Robotics Facility or even tech-buildings in general somewhere the reaper doesn’t directly see them. Even better when those buildings remain hidden during a scan.

Our Pylons should be placed around both of the mineral lines. By that we can protect our Probes with Photon Overcharge.

I, personally, keep the Mothership Core at home when playing against Terran. If you place your Pylons correctly, Photon Overcharge can be super effective - even in the late game. You can protect yourself from every harassment like Medivac Drops and while doing so you can still attack in the front.

Our opening is done as soon as we have defended any early aggression by the Terran player. The Robotics Bay should be on it’s way as well.

Basic Build

By now we should have survived the early aggression of the Terran player. So it’s time to build our Robotics Bay. In an ideal situation we produce two observers and a Warp Prism.

To realize this we have to constantly use our Chronoboost on our Robotics Facility as soon as it is ready. The second Chronoboost we use on our Robotics Bay to research the Extended Thermal Lance Upgrade. (By upgrading this our Colossi have a wider range).

Now the first Observer flies over to the entrance of the Terran base. Attention: The Observer should take the same route as normal ground troops do. So we can identify early attacks by our opponent.

As long there are no ground forces coming our way we can place our Mothership Core and our Stalkers defensively behind our Mineral Lines.

The second Observer and our Stalkers defend one of our bases. The Mothership Core should be placed right next to the other base.
If the Terran comes over with some Medivacs and Widow Mines, we instantly need a third observer. With the third observer we can reveal the Widow Mines in our Mineral Lines.

As soon as the Warp Prism is ready we hide it on the map. Later we can use it for an offensive attack. Attention: Don’t lose the Warp Prism! It’s essential for our attack.

It doesn’t matter what kind of units the Terran has. We always have to focus on our main goal!
If all the seven gates have been placed and the second Colossi is ready, we have to start our attack. As mentioned before I always leave the Mothership Core in my main base. I also place my Pylons in vulnerable positions so I don’t have to cancel my attack due to a drop.

As soon as we move out we have to build at least four more Pylons. So we don’t get supply blocked during our attack. The waypoint for our third Colossi should be place right where we gather our army, in front of our opponent’s base.

When we start our attack we have to use the ability of our Sentrys called “Guardian Shield”. We also need to use Forcefields to protect our Colossi.
It can get quite tricky if the Terran pulls all of his SCVs. But we have to protect our Colossi at all costs and that’s why they have to stay behind the rest of our army at all times.
Having an observer with us is important as well. Because we might have to reveal Widow Mines.

This attack is extremly powerful and works on every skill level.


Almost every All-In is decided by the first attack. If the game continues, because the Terran player was able to hold our attack or we even decided to cancel our attack, these are the following steps on our plan:

  • 3x Nexus
  • 58x Probes
  • Minerals: 1x8 + 2x 16
  • Gas 3x6
  • 10x Gateway
  • +2 Armor Upgrade (Forge)
  • +Charge Upgrade for Zealots (Twilight Council)
  • Templar Archive for Archons

When we have placed the third Nexus the first four Mineral Patches of our Main base should be almost outmined. That’s why we take 8 Probes from our main base and send them to our third one.

If we manage to hold on to our enemy’s attack, we attack by ourselves as soon as the +2 Armor Upgrade is done.

Build Orders

1. Pylon
1. Gateway + Scout
1. Gas (3 Probes)
2. Pylon
@Gateway ready
Cybernetics Core
Zealot (Cancel)
@400 Minerals
2. Nexus
Before Cybernetics Core ready
2. Gas (3 Probes)
@Cybernetics Core ready
Mothership Core
@50 Gas
1. Stalker
3. Pylon
@50 Gas
Research Warpgate Upgrade
@100 Gas
Robotics Facility
@50 Gas
2. Stalker
@Nexus ready
3. Gas (3 Probes)
@Nexus ready
Constantly build Pylons before reaching Supply Cap
@Robotics Facility ready
Robotics Bay
Before Robotics Bay ready
2x Observer + 1x Warp Prism
@Robotics Facility ready
4. Gas (3 Probes)
@44 Probes
Stop producing Probes
@Robotics Bay ready
Research Extended Thermal Lance for Colossi
@Robotics Bay ready
Produce 3x Colossus
@2. Colossus in production
4x Gateway (7 in total now)
@2. Colossus ready
Build several Pylons as supply buffer
@2. Colossus ready
Move out and attack