Immortal Adept Push

Immortal All-In in Legacy in Legacy of the Void - even stronger with Adepts. Here is the easy version.

Official Guide
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Protoss vs. Zerg

Main Goal

  • 2x Nexus
  • 32x Probes
    • Minerals: 1x 16 + 1x 10
    • Gas 2x 6
  • 7x Gateway
  • 1x Robotics Facility
  • Attack: @2 Immortal + Warp Prism


Our opening goal is to execute a Gateway Expansion and to deny the Zerg scouting our base with Zerglings and Overlords.

Against Zerg players we scout directly after placing our first Gateway. With our Probe we want to check whether our opponent wants to play a long macro game or wants to kill as with an early attack.

The timing of his Spawning Pool and of his first gas geyser are the most important things. If he placed both of the buildings before the second Hatchery, there is a high chance of early aggression or even a fast All-In Push.

If the opponent has placed two Hatcherys before his Spawning Pool, he focuses on his economy. This means we don’t have to be afraid of early aggression.

Usually Zergs build their Spawning Pool and the first gas geyser right before or shortly after the second Hatchery. In this case we speak of a standard scenario.

To be safe against any kind of Zergling attacks we have to build the first two Pylons, a Gateway and the Cybernetics Core right behind our Mineral Line. So the Zerglings can’t be maneuvered over there. And now our first few Zealots can easily defend our Probes.

We want to play a Gateway Expansion. This means we want to place the second Nexus before producing any units.
The Zerg might want to block our Expansion with one of his Drones. In this case we take another Probe. If our opponent is super mean, he is going to try to build a Hatchery right where we want to expand. If he succeeds before we are able to place our Nexus, don’t cancel the Zealot. Take the Mothership Core and the Stalker to kill the Hatchery.
In case he doesn’t block our Expansion, just cancel the Zealot as soon as we have 300 minerals and when the Probe is in position to build a new Nexus.

When our Mothership Core is ready we put it in front of the ramp of our expansion. The third Pylon should be placed there as well. Slowly we want to build up a wall with Gateways and Pylons.
When we play against Zerg this wall is really important. It helps to defend Zergling with Speed Upgrade - called Metabolic Boost.
Now those Speedlings can’t get into our base. A perfect wall requires a lot of practice and experience, though. On every map the wall will be differently.
We recommend to practice this against the K.I. a few times first.
Attention: Always leave a gap in your wall. Our units will still be able to leave our base and we can easily fill the gap by putting a Zealot in there.

In this Build Order we produce two Stalkers. The first one stays in our main base so he can snipe any Overlord trying to scout us. We then put the second Stalker in the gap of our wall. But don’t forget to put it on hold!
The wall has been finished with the two Gateways we placed after the Robotics Facility. And voilá! Our opening is done.

Basic Build

By now we have survived the Early Game including any aggressive opening. Now it is our turn to perform our own push. We don’t build an early Observer this time. We rather produce two fast Immortals as soon as the Robotics Facility is ready.
When the second Immortal is in production we build four more Gateways. We also get ready for our push as soon as the Warp Prism has been finished.
After that we build an Observer and let it follow our army.

Before moving out we have to place our Mothership Core next to our third base. There we scare away the Zerglings waiting for us. By this the Zerg thinks we want to take another expansion. This way he is not prepared for an attack.

This push hits quite early and will surprise most Zerg players. Even if he already has units on the field, the combination of Immortals and Adepts is very strong against Zerg.


Almost every All-In will be decided after the first attack. If the game continues because the Zerg player was able to hold our push or we decided to cancel our attack, these are the next steps on our plan:

  • 3x Nexus
  • 58x Probes
    • Minerals: 1x 8 + 2x 16
    • Gas 3x6
  • Robotics Bay
  • +Extended Thermal Lance Upgrade for Colossi
  • +2 Attack Upgrade (Forge)
  • 10x Gateway
  • +Blink Upgrade für Stalker (Twilight Council)
  • Templar Archive for Archons

After placing down the third Nexus the first four Mineral Patches of our Main base should be almost mined out. That’s why we take 8 Probes from our main base and send them to the third one.

We want to extend our Army Compostion with Colossi. We also research the Blink Upgrade. This upgrade is really helpful when our opponent switches to Mutalisks.

If we manage to hold on to our enemy’s attack, we move out ourselves as soon as the +2 Attack Upgrade is done.

Build Orders

1. Pylon
1. Gateway + Scout
1.Gas (3 Probes)
2. Pylon
@Gateway ready
Cybernetics Core
Zealot (Cancel)
@400 Minerals
2. Nexus
Before Cybernetics Core ready
2. Gas (3 Probes)
@Cybernetics Core ready
Mothership Core
@50 Gas
1. Stalker
3. Pylon (Expansion Wall)
@50 Gas
Research Warpgate Upgrade
@100 Gas
Robotics Facility
@50 Gas
2. Stalker
@Robotics Facility in production
2x Gateway (3 in total now)
@Nexus ready
Constantly build Pylons before reaching Supply Cap
@Robotics Facility ready
2x Immortal + 1x Warp Prism + 1x Observer
@32 Probes
Stop producing Probes
@2. Immortal in production
4x Gateway (7 in total now)
@Warp Prism fertig
Move out and attack