Sentry Drop into Immortal Adept Push

This Build Order is the difficult version of the Immortal Adept All-In. We want to harass the opponent in the early game by using a Warp Prism and Sentrys. In the back we prepare the real attack.

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Protoss vs. Zerg

Main Goal

  • 2x Nexus
  • 41x Probes
    • Minerals: 2x 16
    • Gas 1x 6 + 1x3 (Wir brauchen nur drei Geysire)
  • 7x Gateway
  • 1x Robotics Facility
  • +1 Attack Upgrade (Forge)
  • +Adept Upgrade (Twilight Council)
  • Attack: @3 Immortals fertig


The goal of our opening is to pressure the Zerg already in the early game. For a Zerg player is is extremely difficult to react to a Sentry Drop. Zergs always have to decide between building units or making Drones. That’s why we want to force our opponent to build units right at the beginning.

Before we talk about the Sentry Drop we first focus on our Gateway Expansion. Right after building the first Gateway we send our Probe out to gather some information. By this we want to expose possible early attack by our opponent. If there really is an early attack coming we have a wall behind our Mineral Line to protect us from it. Zerglings can’t get behind our Mineral Lines and then it is going to be easy for us to kill the annoying little things.

When the Cybernetics Core is ready and we placed the second Nexus as well it is time to build a Mothership Core and to take the second gas geyser. Producing a Stalker is also important because we want to snipe the Overlord before he can get any information about our build.

Before placing the Robotics Facility we first want to giva a Sentry in production. And we want to add two more Gateways to the wall at our Natural Expansion. When the wall is done we place a Stalker in the gap so we are safe from Zergling runbys.

Our goal is to have exactly four Sentries before our Warp Prism is done. The perfect timing takes some practice but it won’t be too long until you master ist. Just play a bit around with both of the Chronoboosts.
As soon as the Warp Prism is done take all four Sentries and move out to the third or mainbase of your opponent. It depends on which base is closer.

Now it gets a bit difficult. We use the Warp Prism and the Sentries to pressure our opponent in the front. While doing so we continue with our basic build in the back.
If there are no units on the map, we can use our Warpgates to warp in Adepts. We can try to trap Drones and Queens between our Force Fields. These are our priorities:

  • Prio 1: The Warp Prism must survive!
  • Prio 2: We have to continue our build order in the bacl
  • Prio 3: The Sentries have to survive
  • Prio 4: Kill the Drones
  • Prio 5: Kill the Queens
  • Prio 6: The warped-in units shall survive, too

Basic Build

As long as the Warp Prism harasses in the front, we have to prepare our actual attack. When the Warp Prism is on its way we start the Immortal production. We also place a Forge and a Twilight Council for our upgrades.
When we have enough mineals we can add four more Gateways and then we are ready to go.

When attacking it’s really important that the Warp Prism isn’t too far at the front. If the Warp Prism gets sniped by our opponent, 90% of the time we will be foreced to cancel the attack. That is because we can’t provide enough Adepts.

By now we should still have our Sentries. Now we use their ability Guardian Shield and place Force Fields to isolate some of the Zerg units.To execute this push it, again, takes a lot of practice. So don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work at first.

Immortal All-Ins are important for every Gamer on every level. It is important to modify and practice them. But don’t just play All-Ins because after a while you just don’t get better anymore.


After failing an All-In there are only a few situation in which the game is even. If it happens anyway, these are our goals:

  • 3. Nexus
  • 66 Probes
    • 3x 16 for Minerals
    • 3x 6 in the Gas Geyser
  • 2x Robotics Facility
  • 10x Gateway
  • +2 Attack Upgrade
  • Blink Upgrade for Stalker
  • Robotics Bay for Colossi or Disruptor

Our follow up mainly focuses on a macro build. We constantly want to have three mining bases. Most of the time we should not directly build 66 Probes, though. There is a high chance of a counter attack by our opponent. That is why we want to know what our opponent is going for. Does he buil units or Drones?
Use observer and hallucinated Phoenixes and fly over every base. We want to see any possible building that gives us information about his tech choice.

Build Orders

1. Pylon
1. Gateway + Scout
1. Gas (3 Probes)
2. Pylon
@Gateway ready
Cybernetics Core
Zealot (Cancel)
@Cybernetics Core ready
Mothership Core
@Cybernetics Core ready
2. Gas (3 Probes)
@50 Gas
1. Stalker
3. Pylon (In front of the 2. Nexus to begin the wall)
@50 Gas
Research Warpgate Upgrade
@100 Gas
1. Sentry
Before Nexus ready
2x Gateway (Use to wall Natural - 3 in total now)
Before Nexus ready
3. Gas (3 Probes)
@100 Gas
Robotics Facility
@Nexus fertig
Constantly produce Pylons before reaching supply Cap
@100 Gas
2. Sentry
@Robotics Facility ready
1x Warp Prism
@Warpgate ready
2x Sentry (4 in total now)
@Warp Prism ready
Load in Sentries and go harass
@Warp Prism ready
Start production: 1x Observer + 4x Immortal
@Warp Prism ready
Forge + Twilight Council
@41 Probes
Stop producing Probes
@Forge ready
Research +1 Attack Upgrade
@Twilight Council ready
Research Adept Upgrade
During our harrassment at the front
4x Gateway (7 in total now)
@3 Immortals ready
Move out and attack
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