Zealot-Immortal allin

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Zealot-Immortal all-in

This the old, Heart of the Swarm, zealot + immortal with warp prism, all-in from Naniwa. I made a few changes to adapt it the LotV changes and works for me perfectly. A lot of master players don't manage to defend even when they scout it so it's good for higher leagues too. You don't need perfect micro to make it work and it's easy to learn.

The second warp prism is to fight easier. One warp prism for microing damaged immortals and one for warping in units or when the first one is killed. After the first wave of warped zealots, if there are no zerglings/roaches, warp stalkers as most probably mutas are on the way.

*replay will be later with more updates*

Build Orders

Zealot-Immortal all-in
Pylon at ramp
100% pylon
Gate at wall + 2 assimilators
100% assimilators
2 probes to each
pylon behind mineral line
100% gate
cybernetics core at wall + scout
100% cyber core
expansion + mothership core + warpgate
100 gas
Robotics facility + forge behind mineral line
100% expansion
transfer probes
100% robotics facility
chronoboost warp prism
100% forge
chronoboost +1 attack
100% warp prism
chronoboost first immortal
100% first immortal
chronoboost second immortal + add 6 gates
move with warp prism with 2 immortals + chronoboost second warp prism
transform warpgates and warp zealots
attack with 2 immortals, 7 zealots, 2 warp prisms and warp zealots/stalkers