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Terran vs. Protoss

Bio- Mech-Mixed Terran Timing

Idea of this Guide

The basic thing of this guide is to hit the enemy protos with an timing atack before he has blink stalkers. Using an marine marauder army supported by siege tanks and medivacs. Most of terran players lose in protos matchup if they play bio becaus there is a time limit. After this limit it takes a lot of micro luck and missplays of the enemy to win against an collos high templar based army.

Why ??

Using this guide will let you hit the enemy befor he gets aut mor than one collos. If he gets out this single collos there will be no army tho protect the collos from being pickt up by you. The marauder with stim will destroy and stalker based army and the siege tanks will punish the use of forcfields.

How ???

You start with an standard terran opener but befor you get ur second supply depo you take the gas and start mining with 3 workers, than building the second barrack while this time start stim. Take the second gas thad build the factory. When the factory is out srart an reactor and a starprot while non stop producing marins and marauder. When the reactor is finished lift the factory and start an tech lab on it. Once the starport is finished swap it over to the reactor. You atack wehn ur first siege tank pops out and whis attacking you can expand and get more barraks working. Use medivacs to transport the siege tank qiucly to the front. This guide requiersno micro exapt to seige your tanks.


Losing workers to an early oracle hurts. When you scout an starport produce two widowmines bofore lifting your factoy to protect your mineral line.


You can build an second base but i recomend to play this on one base and getting the second base while atacking.If the atack wount winn the game build bases instead of barraks and try to shut down high tier production or tech.

Counter this Build

The moment the Terran player builds his second barrack hes very week to zealot agression, but not if he wals up.

Build Orders

1st Barrack
Supply Depot and 2th Barrack
Reactor on Factory and Starport
Techlab on Factory and swap Starport


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