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- oldsk00l - MMM Rush Tactic

Okay, here we go to the oldsk00l MMM(Marines, Marauders, Medivec) Rush tactic. It's pretty neat, easy and still working, even in the latest expansion ;)

You wanna create one big MMM-Ball in the late game, but for the beginning just scout out your enemies(enemy) with a SCV, I guess that's nothing new to you... just like rax=Barracks and rines=Marines and so on

So, here we go, pump up SCV till 10/11 or 10/10 (depending on the Map), build your first rax, keep on building SCV until your rax is 3/4 ready, in the meanwhile u wanna have a rafinery. When ur rax is ready to go, build your first rine and in the same time upgrade ur base to the Orbital Command(great mineral pump). After you gather enough money build your second rax and an armory. On finish, put an scientific addon on your 2nd rax, note: keep producing rines and develop rine-weapon upgrade.
After this build ur 3rd rax plus the core expansion to build two rines at once and when its finish upgrade ur 1st rax aswell.
And develop Stim-Packs for your rines.

You have now 3 Rax, a couple of rines, 2 or 3 marauders and two science running.

You are ready to go for the first attack, right after your Stim-Packs are ready, all in all it gives you a great boost in battle, especially early battles.

Okay, lets move on, while fighting/scouting and being focues on the enemies economy(!) you will pump up Medivacs next.
Build a Factory, right after a Starport, on the Factory the science module and push some(2 or 3) tanks and place them on a good position to defend your base in SiegeMode. - Your Starport might be ready now, expand it with the Module to build two Medivacs at once. - Here you go!

Create your first MMM-Ball and give'em hell, while in the meantime you build your second base, establish a good economy and expand your rax's for a higher rine & marauder output.

That's pretty all about it :)