Terran Practice 01: Marines with Combat Shields

The first multiplayer practice for Terran players.

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Terran vs. Protoss

Main Goal

1x Command Center

  • 16x SCV
    • Minerals: 1x 13
    • Gas 1x 3 - As soon as we ordered the Combat Shield, we pull our worker out of the gas
  • 5x Barracks
    • One of those with techlab
  • Combat Shield Upgrade
  • Angriff: @Combat Shield Upgrade ready


In this exercise we want to build a wall with our first two Supply Depots and the first Barracks. Depending on the map and our spawning position we might not be able to build a wall at first because of the ramp. The addon for our barracks will be placed automatically on the right side of the building - don’t forget about that. That is why we always have to make space for our Techlab.

In case we fail with our wall we can just lift our production facilities and place them somewhere else.

After placing the Barracks we build a Gas Geyser. Then we send two more SCVs to earn more gas. It is really important that we only need gas for our Techlab and the Combat Shield Upgrade. As soon as we have enough gas we pull the workers out of the gas. This way we optimize our mineral income.
After building our Orbital Command Center we call down Mules to have an even better income. One Mule costs 50 Energy that’s why we call down Mules as soon as we have enough energy.
When we are at 24 supply we pick one SCV. This one has the task to constantly build Supply Depots. As soon as one Depot is ready we instantly build another one. This way we try to avoid to be supply blocked. With a supply block we just waste precious time.
As soon as our Barracks are ready we always want to have two Marines in production. When our Combat Shield Upgrade is ready we start to move out. We attack move to a point in front of our enemy’s base and set the Rally Points of our Barracks to this point, too.
As soon as we stand in front of his base and attack, controlling our army has the lowest priority. It is more important to continue the army production and to use the reinforcement.

Training goal

The goal of this build is to win against the computer on “Elite” level. In case you have never played the Multiplayer it is recommended to practice this build against an easier opponent first. Optional you can try to reach my personal record from the replay

  • Every element of the build order has been done at 3:22 (Combat Shield-Upgrade has finished, too)
  • The computer surrenders at 5:20

Build Orders

Combat Shield All-In
1. Supply Depot
@Supply Depot ready
1. Barracks
@1. Barracks in production
1. Gas (3 SCVs)
@1. Gas in production
Send an SCV to gather information - We want to know where our opponent's base is
@16 SCVs
Don't build any more SCVs
@Scouting SCV is on his way
2. Supply Depot
@150 Minerals
2. Barracks
@1. Barracks done
Upgrade the Command Center to an Orbital and build a Techlab next to the first Barracks
@150 Minerals
3. Barracks
First Techlab has finished
Start to constantly build Marines
Right before having 100 Gas
Pull the SCVs out of the Gas Geyser. We have enough gas for the Combat Shield-Upgrade
@100 Gas
Research the Combat Shield-Upgrade
Before the third Barracks has finished
4. und 5. Barracks
Choose an SCV to constantly build Supply Depots
@Combat Shield done


21. Juni 2016 - 21:06
02.05.2017 - 12:53

Ist dieses Build der erste Schritt zum Terran Tier 1 ? Oder gibts die feste Academy nicht mehr und es läuft weiterhin über die Lab?

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