Terran Practice 02: Marines and Marauder with Stimpack

With the Stimpack Upgrade we enhance our Marines' and Marauders' attack and movement speed for a short period of time. In exchange they lose a part of their health points.

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Terran vs. Protoss

Main Goal

  • 1x Command Center
  • 19x SCVs
    • Minerals: 1x 16
    • Gas 1x 3
  • 3x Barracks
    • 1x Techlab
    • 2x Reactor
  • Stimpack Upgrade
  • Attack: Stimpack Upgrade finished


During this practice build we learn about the Marauder as our second biological unit type. For the first time we develop the Stimpack Upgrade in a Techlab attached to our Barracks. Once the upgrade is finished, we are able to activate it on our Marauders and Marines and hereby enhance their movement and attack speed for a short period of time. But be careful: Every use of the stimpack drains some of our unit's health points.

At the beginning of the practice builds we start with the same timings as in the last one. The timing of the Supply Depot, the Barracks and the first Refinery are the same. After that we change the order of things quite a bit. Some of you may have noticed during the last practice that we don't really need the second supply depot that early in the game. And because of that we make sure to build the Supply Depot a lot later. To be exact: We build the Supply Depot after we started the construction of all three Barracks. When playing against a human opponent both options are possible. If we build our Supply Depot rather early, we close our ramp very soon. Therefore we are safe against early attacks and scouting attempts with worker units. With a delayed Supply Depot we use our ressources as efficiently as possible but also delay the complection of our wall.

Before we produce a single unit,we attach a Techlab to our first Barracks in order to later develop the Stimpack Upgrade with our first 100 gathered gas. This Techlab is important as it sets our timing for the upgrade.

As we execute the Build Order we take care to use our Orbital Command's Energy to deploy Mules. Furthermore, we constantly build a Supply Depot once our unit production in all three Barracks starts. Once all three Upgrades for the Barracks are finished we want to produce at any given moment two Marauders in the Barracks with a Techlab and four Marines in those with a Reactor. If we do well, we surely can spend all our ressources efficiently until the end of the match.

During our attack it is important to set a waypoint for our units in the front and to set the Rally Point of our Barracks there as well. This time we firstly possess the Stimpack Upgrade and all of it's advantages. Once we meet the enemy's army we activate the Stimpacks. After that we have to think carefully if another usage of the Stimpack makes sense. Everytime we use the Stimpack our units lose a part of their health. Practice makes perfect.

Our goal with this build is to defeat an A.I. on "Elite" settings. You can also try to reach my best run in the replay:

  • Every element of the Build Order is finished at 4:01 minutes (Stimpack upgrade finished)
  • A.I. surrenders at 6:33 minutes

Build Orders

Terran Practice Build 02
1. Supply Depot
@Supply Depot finished
First Barracks + 1 SCV for scouting
@Construction of Barracks starts
First Gas with 3 SCVs
Second Barracks
@16 SCVs
Stop SCV production
@Barracks done
Techlab at first Barracks + Upgrade Command Center to Orbital Command
@150 Minerals
Third Barracks
@First Barrack's done
Start production of marines + second Supply Depot
@100 Gas
Develop Stimpack upgrade in Techlab
@50 Gas
Build Reactor at second Barracks
@50 Gas
Build Reactor at third Barracks + Use Gas for Marauder production in first Barracks + always have a Supply Depot in construction
@Stimpack upgrade finished
Commence Attack!


1. Februar 2016 - 17:28
15.10.2020 - 17:06

Also ich probiere dieses Bild seit 2Tagen. Stop ist immer bei very hard wenn da nen Protos kommt. Ich habe nur ganz kleine Time-Fehler und zack ein Lose. Ansonsten echt cool, muss ich wohl mehr üben.

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