Fast Banshee Opening

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Terran vs. Terran

Main Goal

  • 2x Command Center
  • 38x SCV
  • Minerals: 2x 16
  • Gas: 1x 6 (nur erste Base)
  • 1x Barracks
  • 1x Factory
  • 1x Starport
  • Banshee-Harass mit Makro dahinter


With this build order we are vulnerable to early Reaper All-Ins.That is why we have to controll our units carefully. It is important not to lose a single Marine. Aditionally we don’t get any information about our enemy because we skop the first Reaper. By this we can build the Factory earlier.
This doesn’t matter too much, though. Due to our early Banshee we have the possibility to hold any early one base All-In by our opponent. Furthermore we can harass the Terran player and constantly scout him with our Banshee.

Basic Build

After surviving the early game we use the Banshee to scout and harass our opponent. When doing so we have to be aware of the following things:

Buildings: Because of the different buildings we can identify what strategy our opponent is aiming for. We can also spot his advantages and weaknesses. This makes it easier for us to react to his playstyle and we can even make an advantage out of it.

  • Number of Command Centers: The easiest way to estimate our enemy are the numbers of his Command Center. If he already has three fast Comand Centers, we know he focuses on his economy. This means we don’t have to expect any earl- or mid game pushes. But we still have to react to his build. We do this by building more production facilities to prepare our own push. We want to punish our opponent for his greedy build.
  • The other option would be to build a third Command Center ourselves and join our opponent for an epic macro game.
  • What kind of production: The most important question in a TvT game is: Which unit composition has our opponent? Due to his production facilities it is easy for us to detect what kind of army he is going for. Is he going for Bio? Mech? Or even a mixed army composition? After scouting this it is up to us to detect the weaknesses of our opponents compositon and take an advantage out of it. When he is going for mech, his weakness is a low mobility. We can abuse that by going for an bio army and attack on multiple spots all at once. We should expand a lot and drop him as much as we can. In case our enemy is going for a bio army we can counter him by playing Mech. All we have to do is secure our base from multiple attacks - by building bunkers, missle turrents or spreading our army.
  • If both of the players decide for the same army composition the game will be decided by the positioning and/or upgrades.In general it is important to have a wide concave for your own army. Position your Tanks in a way your opponent has difficulties to push the enemy back. Bring him in an uncomfortable position by droping him for example.
  • Number of production facilities: Depending on how many production facilities our opponent has we know if he rather plays a macro heavy style or if the wants to attack us quite early. We can identify this by how many production facilities he has. If he wants to attack as quite early, he has many buildings and wants to pressure us with quick and early attacks.

  • Upgrade-Gebäude: To know whether out opponent has one or two upgrade facilities gives us the opportunity to understand the game and what he is aiming for. If our opponent has only one upgrade building, this means he wants to produce more units and save upgrades. This makes it easy for us to have a long term advantage. We just build another upgrade facility. This way we position us into a defensive position which makes it hard for us to survive against any kind of pressure.If our opponent has two upgrade facilities it is the other way around. By skipping a second upgrade building we have a short time frame to attack our opponent. In both of the cases we, of course, have to be aware of other factors like positioning and so on.
  • Positioning: Due to proper scouting we should have spotted the weaknesses of our opponent’s defense. We can take advantage out of it by dropping badly secured spots or attacking him when he is out of position (When he has unsieged his tanks for example). This makes it possible for us to make the deciding step.

While doing so we have to work on our own economy in the back. This is important for the incoming Mid- and Lategame.


Although we are still harassing with our Banshee the next big question comes up: Which unit composition do we choose to win? Hereby we have to consider three different things:

  • Bio:An army consisting out of Marines, Marauders and Medivacs. The army has a high mobility, you can controll the map quite easily and you have the advantage of being able to pressure your opponent all the time due to drops or timing attacks

  • Mech: In relation to the mixed version or pure Bio Mech is the slowest option to choose from. That is why propper positioning is even more important whith Mech. We try to get a big army as fast as we can.

  • Mix: A mix out of Bio and Mech units. Most of the time it conists out of Marines and Marauders mixed with a few Tanks and Liberators. This combines the advantages of both - a pure Mech army and a pure Bio army. The army has a high mobility but not as weak as a pure Bio army.

Build Orders

Supply Depot
Supply Depot
Orbital Command
@100 Gas
@100 Gas
@25 Gas
Techlab on Factory
@400 Minerals
Command Center
@100 Minerals
Supply Depot
Switch Factory and Starport
Research Cloak
Techlab on Factory