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Zerg vs. Protoss

Goal of that Playstyle:

With the following kind of playstyle you are basically doing everything to get to your Lategamearmy with fully upgraded Ultralisks and Cracklings as safe as possible. You will transition to it from ling/hydra style in midgame. In this strategie you start off building up your army as soon as you got 3base saturation with 6 gas. Before you are getting to that point you will mainly focus on the economical aspect of the game and build as less units as possible and therefore as many drones as possible. For safety scouting is crucial and will continuously be done with Zerglings right before the enemie base and his paths. Also Overlords can be useful to figure out the enemies strategie. I gave this Guide a difficulty of 4 since scouting and reacting properly are necessary to stay alife against any kind of harassement or push/all-in and is quite hard to execute while focusing on the economical aspect. With this strategie as an initiate you may loose your first games, though as soon as you figured out how you react properly towards enemie movements and acts this build is highly recommendable.

Build Order:

  • 17 Hatch
  • 17 Gas -> 3 Drones
  • 18 Pool -> start lingspeed @100 Gas
  • @100% Pool 2 Queens + 2 Zerglings -> scouting (1 ling right before the enemie basis)
  • 30 3rd Hatch -> both Gas when 16/16 mineralsaturation
  • ~@80% lingspeed -> start 6 Zerglings -> scouting (paths)
  • 34 Evolution Chamber 2x -> immediatly start melee and armor upgrade
  • @16/16 saturation at natural -> 2 Gas
  • @100 Gas -> start Lair + safety Roach Warren
  • ~@4.10 -> safety Sporecrawler (if necessary)
  • @50% Hive -> 4th Gas
  • @100% Hive -> start Hydra Den -> instantly start upgrade
  • @100% 1/1 upgrades -> start 2/2
  • @150 Gas -> Infestation Pit
  • @ 3 Base Saturation -> Zergling/Hydra production begins
  • ~@6:15 -> 4th Hatch -> take the gas
  • @100% Infestation Pit -> Hive
  • @100% Hive -> Ultralisk Cavern, Adrenal Glance, 3/3 upgrades
  • @100% Ultralisk Cavern -> armor upgrade

From now on its all about maxing out the supply with Ultralisks and Cracklings und an attack at a decent position. Keep in mind: any kind of ling/hydra attack is just to buy time for your ultralisks to pop out. As soon as the fully upgraded Ultralisks hit the enemy army you might just win straight away. If the Protoss anyhow holds your attack he will most likely go for Archons and Immortals. Therefore you prepare with a Greater Spire and Broodlords.

This BO can be used exactly like this only in completey relaxed macro games of both sides. Any kind of harassment or timingattack/all-in results in your death if you dont react properly in time. Zergling and Overlords can help to scout those.

Generally keep in mind:

  1. Always keep Zerglings in front of the enemy basis and his paths.
  2. Overlordscouting and -spreading can help a ton for in-time reactions
  3. Only few or better no supplyblocks. A single supplyblock at the wrong time could be devastating and cost the game.
  4. If necessary practise inject timings. In case of need build a macrohatch before the 4th.
  5. Bases can be secured by Spins and Spores. 2 Spines 1 Spore should be fine to buy time and react. Rebuild them.
  6. The best way to loose a game is by overdroning - although it is a hard one aswell.
  7. Creepspread helps at reinforcing, fighting in own teritorium, scouting (especially runbys) etc. Any kind of "freetime" should be spend on creepspread.

Thanks a lot for reading my Guide. Ich glad about constructive criticism and feedback. Consider this is my first guide so dont be as harsh to me. Btw: I'm Mid-High Master in WoL/HotS. Didnt have time to play LotV a lot, though that build is the one to go against Protoss for me.