Zerg Practice 01: Roaches and Ravager

The first multiplayer practice for Zerg players.

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Zerg vs. Protoss

Main Goals

  • 1x Hatchery
  • 18x Drone
    • Minerals: 1x 12
    • Gas 2x 3
  • 1x Queen for Larva Injects
  • Spawning Pool
  • Roach Warren


Zerg builds may appear a little bit confusing first because we lose a Drone and according to this one supply every time we place a new building. Once we understand this we get used to the best timing when to produce more Drones.
In this first exercise we rally our Overlords on a safe position. Therefore we are setting the Rallypoint of our units at the edge of the Creep in our main base. We build just one Queen and don't expand. We don’t want to miss any Larva Inject possible with our Queen. That means: Everytime a cycle in our Hatchery is over, we do the next Larva Inject immediately.
If we don’t produce enought Larvae, we won’t be able to spend our resources. Once the Spawning Pool has finished we build a pair of Zerglings to scout the location of our opponent.

Once the Roach Warren has been finished we start the production of our Roaches. If we have any unspend Vespene Gas, we morph some Roaches to Ravagers. In case we run out of gas we produce some Zerglings instead of Roaches. It is fundamental to always have an Overlord in production once the production of our Roaches has started. This way we avoid a Supply Block and efficiently spend our resources.
During our main attack the micromanagement of our army has by far the lowest priority. It is way more important that our army production continues, that we don’t miss any Larva Inject and every single following unit participates in battle as soon as possible. If we lose a lot of units in our attack or we even realize that we can’t keep up our army production, we decide to interrupt the production of Overlords.

Exercise Objectives

Our goal in that exercise is to beat the AI on difficulty „Elite“. If you haven’t played the multiplayer of Starcraft 2 yet, we recommend to start with a lower level und raise the difficulty of the AI step by step.
You can try to beat my personal best from the replay if you want to.

  • All elements of the build order finished at 2:20 (Roach Warren finished)
  • Force the AI to surrender at 5:32

Build Orders

Roach Ravager All-In
1. Overlord
1. Gas (3 Drones)
@200 Minerals
Spawning Pool
2. Gas (3 Drones)
@19 Drones
Stop Drone production
@Spawning Pool has finished
1. Queen + 1 Zerglings (for scouting) + Roach Warren + 3. Overlord
@Roach Warren has finished
Start your Roach and Ravager production
First Roach in production
Constantly have one Overlod in production
@7 Units