Zerg Practice 02: Second Base and Speedlings

In order to enhance our production as a Zerg we need more Larvae and therefore more Hatcheries. During this practice build we construct a second Hatchery early in the game and commence a Speedling attack.

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Main Goal

  • 2x Hatchery
  • 16x Drone
    • Minerals: 1x 13
    • Gas 1x 3 - Once we started the Speedling upgrade, all 16 Drones gather minerals
  • 2x Queen for Larva Injects
  • Spawning Pool
  • Speedling Upgrade (Metabolic Boost in the Spawning Pool)


Unlike the first Zerg practice build we want to construct a second Hatchery rather early in order to improve our production at the early stage of the game. Our attack consists of Speedlings - Zerglings with the Metabolic Boost upgrade.

At the beginning of the match we send our initial Overlord to the opponent's base or rather to the closest spawning location. In order to do that and to access the Overlord easily, we assign a group to the Overlord. After we have discovered the location of our opponent's base we send the Overlord to a safe location at the map's border. All of the following Overlords are to be gathered in a safe spot inside our base.

With this build order we need less Drones but a whole lot more Larvae for our production. For every two Zerglings we need one Larva. Since these two Zerglings only cost 50 minerals we need a lot of Larvae.

To get that amount of Larvae we produce a Queen at every Hatchery and use it's Larva Inject preferably at the end of every inject cyle. If we manage to do that, we spend our ressources efficiently until the end of the match.

Once the Spawning Pool is finished we should have gathered 100 gas by now. So we can research the Speedling Upgrade. This upgrade enhances our Zergling's mobility and with it our attack's potential. We don't need any more gas. When we gathered 100 gas we send those three gas-mining Drones to our mineral line. This way we get the maximum mineral income.

Once we started the production of our first Zerglings we make sure to always build an Overlord and prevent a Supply Block. The attack commences once the Speedling Upgrade is finished.

Build Orders

Zerg Practice Build 02
First Overlord
Second Hatchery
@18 Drones (minus two for the Extractor and Spawning pool)
Stop Drone production
First Gas with three Drones
@200 Minerals
Spawning Pool
@Spawning Pool finishes
2x Queen + start Zergling production + always build another Overlord
@100 Gas
Stop gathering of Gas + develop Speedling upgrade for Zerglings (Metabolic Boost in Spawning Pool)
@Speedling upgrade finished
Commence attack!