ZvT, ZvP Ravager zergling push

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Zerg vs. Protoss

ZvT, ZvP Ravager zergling push

This is an allin-push with possible setup in case you have to go over to a macro game, which will be hard but it´s possible to get back into the game, if the push fails.

I was one of the Zerg players in HOTS which used overpool all the time for example in ZvP matchups, since it is realy easy to irritate your enemy by hiding your true strategy.

You can call this an allin push, but since the BO has a high worker count it is, as i said already, possible to switch to Roach Hydra or w/e.

So it starts with 2 extractor tricks, you skip the overlord so it looks like this:

13/14 drone

14/14 drone -> Drone straight to the Extractor, get 15th drone: Do the same again but dont stop the first Extractor from building.

so you get 16/14 Drones.

16/14 by 230 Minerals you send a drone to the expansion and take your natural.

15/14 you take pool

14/14 you take gas

14/14 overlord

After overlord finishs you pull 3 drones into the gas.

Starting Ling speed immediatly is not required. First get the queens and a relativly high drone count:

you can do it like this for example:

21/22 you make again an extractor trick to get the queen out in case your hatch comes too late.

And afterwards you get the Queen at the natural and the 3rd overlord at ~25/28 Supply. Only drones, if 4 player Map or you play vs Terran you can get 4 lings out to prevent Reaper harras, and better scouting.

You start lingspeed ~2min mark

You dont pull drones from the gas you let them continue mining.

At ~ 2:50 you build a Roach Warren, at ~3:00 you take the second gas in your Main.

Continue building overlords and drones until you reach 42/44 Supply ( 38drones: 16/16 at natural mining, 16/16 main, 6/6 in gas)

This drone count is optional, the more drones you have, the easier it is to take third base and macro up. If you have less drones, like in the replay, you still can take the third base, but your attack comes a little bit earlier.

Then you build ~4 Overlords and afterwards you should be able to build around 10-12 Roaches,

morph 4 Ravagers (make sure they dont run in front and don´t let them die easily). Keep larva injects and now you just ralley lings over the map. VS Terran focus on Siege tanks( if they´re out, or mines) sent one roach up the ramp to scout. Ravagers should aim at Pylons vs Protoss. Highest priority. In case immortals are out you just swarm them with pure ling count.

By just building lings you get pretty high Mineral and Gas amount. Get a lair, take third base, get 2 evo-chambers and continue macroing. I tried this in 10 games and won 9 out of it, the only way someone countered it was by rushing on a banshee and 3 Bunkers. He still almost died therefor this is a strong push. Just safe your ravagers and don´t missclick. Sentrys are useless -> most Protoss go fast Robo/Immortals. The Attack hits before an Immortal push or other agressions. So the only defending useful unit is the Protoss´ MSC ( Mothershipcore).

Happy winning.

Build Orders

Ravager push
12Roach,4Ravager,mass ling


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