14/14 ling bane aggresion, high win rate, ZVZ

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Zerg vs. Zerg

14/14 70% win zvz if played properly

this build order doesnt require much skill it only needs some good baneling, ling micro and production back at home. You can easly transition into roach ravager tech mid game. and the late game is up to you. It could be ultras, mutas, whatever your little zerg heart desires.

ive also added a replay be sure to watch it if you want to analyze how this strategy works in game, ofcourse im only high plat so im not the best player in the world, but this strategy is very strong in all the leagues and it is considered to be overpowered, luckily not many people are yet familiar with it because lotv is still new and the game time is so fast.

ofcourse this isnt the most aggresive zerg opener out there, there's also a 12 pool but i like this opener more just because it isnt so all inny if thats the word, and you can transition out of it easly if you make enough damage with your ling bane witch you probably will.

You also want to be putting another hatchery when you see that you have alot of floating minerals (around 400-500) but if you want to be as much annoying and aggresive as possible you can make a roach warren.

Build Orders

14/14 ling bane aggresion
make a drone
make a drone
morph a drone into an extractor
make a drone
morph a drone into a spawning pool
make an overlord, and morph a drone, when you have completed an overlord make 2 more drones then you should be at 16 supply, from then on make no more drones, only lings. be sure to make 3x lings and ling speed when your spawning pool finishes
transition into ling and bane aggresion, when you have made your 3x lings make a queen
make a metabolic boost(zergling speed) as soon as you have 100 gas
when you have 100 gas wait for another 50 gas and make a baneling nest
pull off 1 drone off gas, and keep on with your ling aggresion
Make a hatchery when you have alot of floating minerals


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