Roach-Ling All-in

Official Guide
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Zerg vs. Zerg

Main Goal

  • 2x Hatchery
  • 29x Drones
    • Minerals: 1x16 +1x10
    • Gas: 1x3
  • Roach Warren
  • Lingspeed
  • Attack @10 Roaches finished


The main goal of our opening is to find out whether our opponent builds Drones or units. For this we use the first pair of Zerglings we build. The most important thing is the amount of workers our opponent has at his natural. We also want to know what is coming out of his Larvae - Units or Drones?
Our opponent might plan an early push with Zerglings and Banelings. To get notified as early as possible we can position an Overlord close to the ramp from the main to his natural. By this we can see if and how long he builds Drones.

  • As soon as we see early Zerglings with an Overlord we don’t build more than 19 Drones and save all our Larvae for Zerglings. Aditionally we build one Spine Crawler - two if our opponent pulls his Drones.

  • If we notice our opponent doesn’t build Drones, we delay our +1 attack upgrade and immediately place a Baneling Nest. This way we are able to morph defensive Banelings. To save our economy we position our Queens right on our ramp and put them on hold. To prepare for an early attack we always send our first Overlord in front of our opponent’s second Base. The other Overlords are getting placed in a line to the enemy's Base. By this we can always spot where he is, what he plans and what he has.

    We never want to build units if we don’t need them. Every unit is a Drone. So if we don’t use our units we just weaken ourselves.

Basic Build

As soon as we have survived any early attack and we have the needed amount of Drones we start to produce units. We wait until we have 10 Roaches and then move out. The next Larvae we use for Zerglings. As soon as they have met up with the Roaches we attack.

If we get the feeling that we can finish the game, build more Roaches and Zerglings. In case we don’t we just take the third base and start our Drone production again.

Follow Up

If our enemy holds our push or we even had to cancel our attack, we want to attack at a later point in the game. To succeed we need the following:

3x Hatchery
49x Drone
Minerals: 1x8 + 2x16
Gas: 2x6
+1 Missile Attack
Roach Speed
Baneling Nest

During the preparation for our follow up we are quite vulnerable. That is why we build four to five Roaches and a Spine Crawler after our first attack.
If we get attacked by a bigger push, we have to build more units.

Our follow up focuses to win the game with a Roach-Baneling push. To do so we start to build Drones again and take the third base. As soon as we have 100 gas we morph our base into a Lair and take the second gas. Aditionally we build an Evolution Chamber to research the +1 Missile Attacks. As soon as the Lair is ready we research Roach Speed, take the fourth gas and and build a Baneling Nest.

As soon as everything is ready all we do is build Roaches and Zerglings. When the #1 Missile Attack upgrade is ready, we attack.

In front of the enemy’s base we morph as many banelings as possible.
With this push we all-in again. If we don’t manage to finish the game now, we lose.

Build Orders

1st Overlord
2nd Hatchery
Spawning Pool
1st Gas
@Pool & Hatchery finished
2x Queens + 1x Linge (Scouting) + 1x Overlord
@100 Gas
research Zergling speed
@Queens finished
1x Queen
3. Overlord
@150 Minerals
Roach Warren
- Drone until you have 16+10 on Minerals -
@Roach Warren halfway through
2x Overlords
@Roach Warren finished
Build 10 Roaches + 1x Overlord
@10 Roaches finished
Start attacking and use the next Cycle of Larvae for Zerglings
While attacking:
Keep reinforcing with Zerglings and Roaches
While attacking:
Build 3rd Hatchery