+1/+1 Roach-Ravager-Ling Attack

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Zerg vs. Terran

Ziel des Builds

  • 3x Hatchery, 4. im Bau
  • 63x Drones
    • Minerals 3x 16
    • Gas 5x 3
  • Roach Warren (Roach Speed)
  • Upgrades +1 Ranged/+1 Armor
  • Lingspeed
  • Attack @1/1 + Roachspeed completed


Until we have saturated all of our 3 bases we should avoid to build units. This would slow down our Drone production. But we will be forced to build a few Zerglings or even a Roach if our enemy attacks us with Hellions, Siegetank Drops or Hellbats. To avoid any damage to our economy we send an Overlord to the enemy’s base. The best timing for this is between minute 3:00 and 3:30.
By this we can preapre for an incoming attack and our own push is going to be even stronger.

In case we scout a Factory with a Techlab and a Starport, a Siegetank drop is coming our way.

  • As a counter we place an Overlord at the edge of our bases and position a few Zerglings and our Queens. The Queen keeps it's focus on the Medivac while the Zerglings stay right underneath it. This way we can immediately attack the Tank as soon as the Medivac drops it.

In case we see a Factory with a Reactor and a Starport (potentially with a Techlab) AND an Armory, Hellbats are coming our way.

  • Then we just start our Roach production before saturating our third base. It is also important to build Spore Crawlers in every our bases.
    In a fight we aditionally attack with our Queens. This way we can fight the Banshees and Medivacs.
    If we are 100% sure our opponent plays Banshees, we have to morph an Overseer before the Banshee arrives at our base. You can aditionally build another Spore Crawler just to be safe.

Basic Build

As soon as we have survived any early attacks it is time to transition into our actual build. We now complete our three base economy and want to have 5 Gas Geysers. We also add a Roach Warren and two Evolution Chambers for the first armor- and ranged attack upgrades.

As soon as we meet the requirements all we do is to produce units. Then we deal as much damage to the enemy’s economy as we can. When attacking we use our Zerglings to tank and our Roaches and Ravagers destroy the defense. The Ravager’s ability can help us with that. If we don’t succeed, we just go back and prepare our follow up.

Follow Up

This push is not an all in and we already have placed a fourth base before we moved out. So now we can just continue to play even if we weren’t able to finish the game.
Our goal is to improve our economy, to get a better tech and to prepare for a potential attack by our enemy.

  • 4x Hatchery, 5. im Bau
  • 72-76x Drones
    • Minerals: 1x8 + 2x16 + 1x8-12
    • Gas: 4x6
  • Hydra Den (Hydra-Range/Speed Upgrade)
  • Upgrades: +2 Ranged/+2 Armor
  • Infestation Pit for Hive
  • Optional: Spire

The first four Mineral Fields will be mined out after our first push. That is why we transfer eight workers to our 4th base. Aditionally we build 6-10 more Drones, take the 7th and 8th gas and place down our 5th Hatchery since we start to run short on minerals on our 2nd base as well.

Before we move out again we want to know what our opponent has in mind right now. It it possible that he tries to win the game with an all in if he took too much damage by our first push.

In this case we focus on surviving the push. We don’t build any more drones nor any optional tech buildings.

If he does not plan to finish us with an attack, we move out ourselves with a 200 supply Roach/Hydra/Ravager composition. We should also have +2/+2 attack by now. And, aditionally, we should tech to a Hive and a Spire to transition into Broodlords later this game.

Build Orders

1st Overlord
2nd Hatchery
Spawning Pool
1st Gas
@Hatchery & Pool finished
2x Queens + 1x Ling2x Queens + 1-2x Lings (Reaper defense) + 1x Overlord
@100 Gas
research Zerglinspeed
@Queens finished
1x Queen
3rd Overlord
@300 Minerals
3rd Hatchery
@100 Gas
4th Overlord
Roach Warren
2nd & 3rd Gas
2x Evolution Chamber
@Lair finished
research Roach speed
@both Evolution Chamber finished
research +1 Missle attacks & Armor
@3rd Hatchery finished
1x Queen
5th Overlord
6th Overlord
@12 Drones at 3rd Hatchery
4th & 5th Gas
@Full saturation
Start Roach production
@+1 Missle attacks & armor finished
Morph Ravager and Attack
While attacking:
Build 4th Hatchery + Hydra Den + Infestation Pit
While attacking:
research +2 Missle attacks & Armor