Blink Disruptor Macro

A safe method to secure a third Nexus. While doing so we build up the most powerful army in this match up.

Official Guide
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Protoss vs. Protoss

Main Goal

  • 3x Nexus
  • 66x Probes
    • Minerals: 3x 16
    • Gas 3x 6
  • 6x Gateway
  • 2x Robotics Facility
  • Blink Upgrade for Stalkers
  • Constantly research attack upgrades in the Forge
  • Attack: As soon as we have placed the fourth Nexus


With choosing a Blink opening we play a very safe build to secure a second Nexus. We can react to any kind of one base opening and All In of our opponent as well as any kind of two base pushes. We start with a standard opening and take two gas and build a Mothership Core. Aditionally we build a Stralker and research Warpgate upgrade as soon as the Cybernetics Core is ready.

When scouting the opponent’s base we always want to know if he also starts with two Gas Geyser.Or does he start with a Tech? Or a fast Nexus?
It might happpen that our opponent places his Nexus right before or after his Gateway. In thise case don’t panic and don’t try a 1 Base All-In.Our build order still works perfectly fine. We then know our opponent won’t ply aggressively for quite some time. That’s why we can tech a little bit earlier or place down an earlier third Nexus.

We place our second Nexus as soon as the gave the Twilight Council in comission. To do so we stop producing Drones at 30 supply. We do so to build an earlier Nexus and to prepone other steps. This way we are safe against any kind of opening and All Ins.

The Robotics Facility after our Blink Research is just in time because our Observer can reveal any Dark Templar.

As soon as we produce the second Stalker we start with our Probe production again. We place the fourth Pylon right next to our Nexus. This way we can defend any kind of ground attack with our Photon Overcharge.

The first Observer as well as the Stalkers we send over to our ramp so we can spot incoming Dark Templar. The second Observer we send over to the enemy’s base to gather some information about what he is going for. As soon as our opening is done and we feel save with out second Nexus it is time to place the Forge.

Basic Build

In this build we try to take the third Nexus as fast as possible. As soon as the Blink upgrade has finished and in case our opponent doesn’t play a two base All in we take the third Nexus. While doing so we start to harass our oppponent.But we only build as many Stalkers as we need to pressure him. We shouldn’t be able to leave his base without any kind of support. Advanced players can try to snipe a few units or even the Nexus of the enemy.

Apart from that we only use Stalkers to keep him in his base. While doing so we concentrate on our own economy.

By now we should have placed an Robotics Bay. We then start to build at least one Photon Cannon in our Mineral Lines. This way we are safe against Dark Templars or Oracles. As soon as the Robotics Bay is ready we start to produce Disruptors. We build an aditional Robotics Facility, more Stalkers. But don’t build more than 6-8 Disruptors. Then we start to build Immortals. When having 66 Probes we stop with our worker production and build a Warp Prism. Right before we attack we place our fourth Nexus and secure him with some Photon Cannons.

As you can see we leave our Mothership Core at home against Terran and Protoss players. Many Protoss players try to harass you with a Warp Prism as soon as you move out. Then they destory your buildings with Zealots and Dark Templars. Our Photon Cannon is really strong to fight against this kind of harassment.

The only thing that is even stronger is a Protoss air army. You can avoid it with Stalkers, though. Or you can even finish the game before the opponent has a critical mass of air units.

A Blink Stalker-Disruptor army requires a lot of micro, multitasking and especially practice. Aditionally the control of Disruptors is going to take some time until you master it. But it is going to be worth it.


If the game continues, we follow these steps:

  • Constantly have three mining bases
  • We build up to 10 Gateways
  • Buil a Templar Archive for Archons
  • Always research upgrades in the Forge
  • In case we have a strong economy, build a Starport for a switch to air units

Build Orders

1. Pylon
1. Gateway
2x Gas (6 Probes)
2. Pylon
@Gateway ready
Cybernetics Core
@Cybernetics Core ready
Mothership Core
@Cybernetics Core ready
1. Stalker
@Cybernetics Core ready
Research Warpgate Upgrade
@Cybernetics Core ready
3. Pylon
@100 Gas
Twilight Council
Start cutting Probes
@400 Minerals
2. Nexus
@Twilight Council ready
Research Blink Upgrade
@200 Minerals
Robotics Facility
@125 Minerals
2. Stalker
@2. Stalker in production
Resume Probe production
4. Pylon - At 2. Nexus
@2. Stalker ready
2x Gateway (3 in total)
@Robotics Facility ready
Start production: 2x Observer and then Immortals
@Nexus ready
Keep producing Pylons constantly, before reaching Supply Cap
@When you are safe
1x Forge
@Forge ready
Constantly research +Attack Upgrades
@Blink ready
3. Nexus + Blink Stalker Harass
@3. Nexus in production
Take Gases at 2. Nexus + Robotics Bay + Start securing all Mineral Lines with Photon Cannons
@3. Nexus ready
Take both gases
@Robotics Bay ready
Start Disruptor Production + 2. Robo + 3x Gateway (6 in total)
@66 Probes
stop producing Probes
@66 Probes
1x Warp Prism
9:00 - 10:00
4. Nexus
@4. in production
Move out and attack