Oracle-adept allin

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Protoss vs. Protoss

A simple,one base all-in which can be used against both P and T. Not really micro heavy but multitasking helps a lot

Oracles are used for harassment as well as vision against terran's mines. Adepts can either run by the overcharged pylons, or the bunkers at wall and because they are light units, don't take extra damage from marauders, tanks or stalkers, having bonus at the same time, against marines.

Mothership core can be used for defence as well as offence. I like to poke with the MSC before the oracle and then use it for overcharge at proxy pylons which can be really useful, especially vP

I usually make 2 oracles before making a void ray but it depends on what you scout and how much damage you deal with the MSC and first adept.

*replay will be added later*

Build Orders

gateway + 2 assimilators with 3 probes each
~75% gateway
send probe for proxy pylon
pylon at home
100% gateway
cybernetics core
100 minerals
proxy pylon at opponent's third base
100% cybernetics
proxy stargate + mothership core + adept + warpgate. Stop probe production when you have 23
add 2 gates.
100% stargate
chronoboost oracle
100% warpgate
warp adepts all the time
100% oracle
start second oracle or void rays