+1 Hydra-Ling Attack

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Zerg vs. Protoss

Main Goal

  • 3x Hatchery, 4. on its way
  • 63x Drones
    • Minerals: 3x16
    • Gas: 2x6 +1x3
  • Lingspeed
  • Lair
  • Hydralisk Upgrade (Hydra Den)
  • +1 Missile Attack (Evolution Chamber)
  • Attack: @+1 Missile attack + Hydra Upgrade


In this build order we learn a standard opening you can use against any race.
First we build a Hatchery, then a Spawning Pool and take one gas. It is possible that the Protoss tries to block our expansion with a Pylon. Then we just build our Spawning Pool first and place our expansion where we’d actually take our third base.
With 3 workers we collect gas. As soon as we have 100 gas we research Zerglingspeed. Against Protoss we want to scout with out first two Zerglings. The other two stay in our base to help Queens with a possible Adept attack.

If we see the Protoss builds one gas and takes an expansion, we can stick to our plan.
But if he takes two Gas Geysers, we have to scout with an Overlord or Zerglings which kind of tech he is aiming for. Does he want to play a Stargate, Robotics Facility or Twilight Council?

We position our first Overlord in a way we can send it into the enemy base. The second one stays in a position where we can see when he takes his third. We send the first Overlord into the enemy's base between 3:20 and 3:40. In case we see a Robotics Facility (or a Twilight Council) and only 2 Gas, we instantly build a Roach Warren - an Immortal Adept Push is coming our way. We only saturate half of our third base and start the Roach production.

Basic Build

After holding our enemy’s attack we want to saturate all 3 of our bases. Aditionally we want to have 5 Gas Geysers and the +1 Missile Attack and the Hydralisk Upgrade should be in research as well.
While waiting for the upgrades to finish all we do is build Hydralisks and Zerglings.

Right before they finish we move over to the enemy’s third base. While doing so we take our fourth base.
The goal of our attack is to destory the enemy’s third base. If we succeed we adiotionally try to snipe some expensive Protoss units like Immortals, Void Rays or Disruptors.

It doesn’t matter if we succeed or not because we have already prepared our transition into our follow up.

Follow Up

  • 4x Hatchery
  • 72-74x Drones
    • Minerals:1x8 +2x16 + 1x8-10
    • Gas: 4x6
  • Infestaion Pit
  • optional: Lurker Den
  • Spire
  • Hive
  • +2 Missile +1 Armor Upgrades

After this push we transfer half of our Drones from our main to the fourth base. We build a sixth, seventh and eighth Gas Geyser and a second Evolution Chamber (for the +2 Missile Attack and +1 Armor).
Aditionally we want to tech to Hive for Broodlords and Vipers. We constantly want to have a 3 base income and try to trade the expensive units of the Protoss. We also try to weaken his income. As soon as we have Broodlords we try to finish the game with a Hydralisk/Broodlord/Viper composition.

Build Orders

1st Overlord
2nd Hatchery
Spawning Pool
1st Gas
@Pool & Hatchery finished
2x Queens + 1x Linge (Scouting) + 1x Overlord
1x Linge
@100 Gas
@300 Minerals
3rd Hatchery
3rd Overlord
@100 Gas
@32 Gas
Evolution Chamber + 2nd & 3rd Gas
4th Overlord
@3rd Hatchery finished
Queen + 5th Overlord
@Evolution Chamber finished
research +1 Missle Attacks
@Lair finished
Hydralisk Den + 4th Gas
6th Overlord
@Hydralisk Den finished
research Hydralisk Upgrade
7th Overlord
@12 Drones at third hatch
5th Gas + 3x Overlords
@full saturation
Start unit production: Hydralisks & Zerglings
@+1 Missle Attacks + Hydralisk Upgrade finished
Start attacking + 4th Hatchery bauen
While attacking:
+2 Missle Attacks erforschen + 2nd Evolution Chamber für +1 Armor
While attacking:
6th Gas + Infestation Pit for Hive + Spire to be able to build Broodlords
Lurker Den


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Der Build ist echt stark, wenn man das Timing gut trifft und hat mich im ZvP echt weitergebracht!

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