Full zerg rush

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Zerg vs. Protoss

Build order

Build Worker for minerals, Then spawning pool, then Gas collector, Then few zerglinks and queen, build that thing for upgrade zerg ground units, build 2nd base, build more zerglings, build queen on 2nd base, build hidralisk den I thik that is name for hidralisk army, Build some hidralisk ( till now attack some time that he dont grow to much and that u see what he doing), Upgrade what u can in ground upgrades, build more zerglinks and hidralisks (for overlords I dont have to tell u :) ). u can use overlords upgraded it to overseeker to transport units or u dont. U as first as possible upgrade Hidra and zergliks speed. Keep Attacking him. u can build Ultralisks if u want but at near end game only. Build order I wont put I told u everithing here xD

Build Orders

Full zerg rush
Spawning pool