Ravager-Ling All-in

Official Guide
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Zerg vs. Terran

Main Goal

  • 2x Hatchery
  • 28x Drones
  • Minerals 1x16 + 1x6
  • Gas 1x 6
  • Roach Warren
  • Zerglingspeed
  • Attack @5 Ravager completed


With this build order we want to play a Hatch into Pool Opening with two early gas and a Roach Warren.We use the first Zerglings to prevent the Reaper from killing any Drones. In a best case scenario the Reaper doesn’t even see our Roach Warren and the second gas. It is really important to not lose a single Drone because our Drone count will be quite low anyway and we need all of our Larvae for our attack.

Basic Build

As soon as the Roach Warren is ready we build 5 Roaches. We instantly morph them into Ravagers, because they have higher movement speed than Roaches.
As reinforcement we only use Zerglings. When the Ravagers are ready we pull the Drones out of ONE gas.
During the attack our Ravagers shouldn’t fight without Zergling support because they can’t take as much damage as Roaches do. And we don’t want our Ravagers to die that quickly. It might be helpful to use an Overlord to reveal Siegetanks and Bunkers on a highground.That way you can snipe them with the Ravager’s ability.

Follow Up

In case we don't win with this attack we didn't necessarily forfeit the game. The key is to notice our disadvantage as early as possible and move back or even cancel the attack. Then we just build Drones. With the Zerglings we already have we try to delay our enemy’s second base.

While doing so we take a third base and tech. This way we prepare for an even stronger push.

  • 3x Hatchery
  • 49x Drones
    • Minerals: 2x16 + 1x8
    • Gas: 1x6 + 1x3
  • Lair
  • Roach Speed
  • +1 Ranged Attack

Since we have to wait for our upgrades the Terran player has the chance to take control over the map. That’s why we have to stay defensive and try to hold any possible attacks.

With our 2 ½ base economy and the +1 attack upgrade we attack with our Roach/Ravager/Zergling composition and win the game.

Build Orders

1st Overlord
2nd Hatchery
Spawning Pool
1st Gas
2nd Gas
@Pool & Hatchery fertig
2x Queens + 1x Ling (Reaper defense) + 1x Overlord
@100 Gas
research Zergling speed
Roach Warren
2x Overlord
@Roach Warren finished
Stop droning + build 5 Roaches & lings
5th Overlord
@Roaches finished
Morph them to Ravagers and start Attacking
While attacking:
Keep reinforcing with Lings and Roaches
While attacking:
Build the 3rd Hatchery and vontinue mining with only 1 Gas