+1 Ling Attack into Mutalisk

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Zerg vs. Zerg

Main Goal

  • 2x Hatchery, 1 im Bau
  • 41x Drone
    • Minerals: 2x16
    • Gas: 2x6
  • Lingspeed
  • +1 Melee Attack
  • Attack @ +1 Melee completed


The main goal of our opening is to scout with our Zerglings whether our enemy Zerg wants to be aggressive with Zerglings and Banelings. Or does he rather build Drones? Our opponent’s worker count on his natural is really important as well as what is coming out of his Larvae. In case it is possible on the map we place an Overlord close to the ramp of his main to the natural. By this we want to know if and how long he builds Drones.

  • In case we see Zerglings coming our way, we don’t build more than 19 Drones and save up our Larvae for Zerglings. Aditionally we build a Spine Crawler - if he pulls his Drones build two. While waiting for the Zerglings we only fight with all of our Drones.
  • If we notice that our opponent doesn’t build Drones, we delay our +1 attack upgrade and immediately place a Baneling Nest. This way we can morph defensive Banelings.

    To prepare for attacks in the ZvZ matchup we have to position our first Overlord in front of our enemy’s second base. The other Overlords will be positioned on the way from our base to the enemy's.

    We don’t want to build any units as long as we don’t use them. Every unit is a Drone in the early game. If we don’t use our produced units we only weaken ourselves.

Basic Build

As soon as we have survived the early game and our bases are fully saturated we want to pressure our opponent’s third base. We can achieve this by sending Zerglings over and attack his workers. While doing so we build Mutalisks and build Drones for our own third base.
In case our opponent attacks us we base our defense strategy on his unit composition.

  • Against Zerglings and Banelings we morph the same amount of Banelings as our opponent has. Then we try to trade 2 Banelings for two of his Banelings or even more. If we succeed, we can use our Zerglings to fight our enemy’s Zerglings. Due to our +1 Attack Upgrade we have advantage even against a superior mass of Zerglings.
  • Against Roaches and Zerglings we again morph Banelings - but not too many. We need to fight in a wide, open position. So our Zerglings can surround the enemy’s Roaches. Again we have an advantage due to our attack upgrade.

We can also build one or two Spine Crawlers. This makes it easier for us to defend.
It is really important to find out whether our opponent switches to Mutalisks or Roaches. We base our follow up on this decision.

Follow Up

  • 3x Hatchery, 4th in production
  • 66x Drone
    • Minerals: 3x16
    • Gas: 3x6

Against Muta/Ling:

  • +1 Carapace
  • +2 Melee Attack +1 Armor

Playing against Mutalisks we research the +1 carapace upgrade and immediately take both of the Gas Geysirs from our third base. We secure our bases with Spine- and Spore Crawlers and keep our opponent busy with Zergling run bys and our own Mutalisks.
We only take a fight if we are even in upgrades (or if our upgrades are better). When playing Mutalisks against Mutalisks we always research the armor upgrade first - then the attack upgrade.
As soon as we take the fifth base we also build a Hive. This way we have access to more upgrades and are able to build two or three Vipers. Their ability Parasitic Bomb is really strong against Mutalisks.

Against Roach/Queen/Hydra:

  • Banelingspeed
  • Hive
  • Ultralisk Cavern/Greater Spire
  • +1 Flyer attacks
  • +2 Melee attack & +1 Armor

Against Roach/Hydra we research the +1 Attack Upgrade for our Mutalisks first. We also saturate the Mineral Fields at our third base. Aditionally we take a 4th Hatchery and an Infestation Pit. This way we can build a Hive and are able to transition into Ultralisks or into a Greater Spire.

Build Orders

1st Overlord
2nd Hatchery
1st Gas
Spawning Pool
@Pool & Hatchery finished
2x Queens + 1x Linge (Scouting) + 1x Overlord
@100 Gas
research Zergling speed
@32 Gas
Evolution Chamber
@Evolution Chamber fertig
+1 Melee Attack
@50 Gas
Baneling nest
3rd Overlord
2-3x Linge (for scouting & defensive Banelings)
@Zergling speed nearly finished
4th Overlord
@100 Gas
Lair + 2nd & 3rd Gas + 3. Hatchery
5th Overlord
@full saturation (Main & Natural)
Start Ling production
@Lair finished
Spire + 4th Gas
@+1 Melee Attack finished
+2 Melee Attack + Attack with lings
@3rd Hatchery finished
Start droning again